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The Pet Specialty Group specializes in creating World Class Veterinary Hospitals. We focus on three areas of your practice; Employee Engagement, Client Experience and Operational Excellence. These three areas of focus are called the “Pillars of Success”. By focusing on these areas, your practice can grow into the world class hospital that you have always dreamed of. Pet Specialty Group will help you along this journey, supporting you beyond just the consultation. Our model is different than most ‘Practice Management Consultants’, in that we spend a minimum of one year supporting you on a weekly basis. During that year we work with you and your team on perfecting each“Pillar of Success”. We are honored and excited to be able to take this journey with you to transform your practice into a World Class Veterinary Hospital! animal hospital consulting veterinary services

Our Philosophy

 At Pet Specialty Group our Service model is about teaching, coaching and supporting.  Outcomes are what drives our team of Veterinary Practice Management coaches.  We will  never be the "fly by" practice management consultation company.  This is a journey of working together to deliver the best results in our industry.  Our Free initial consultation is about understanding your needs as a owner and Doctor and the needs of your hospital and team.  Our first meeting is important to know that we are a good fit.  We will never take on client if we don't believe that our services can help achieve our clients goals and expectations. 

The 3 Pillars of Success

Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is getting up in the morning and thinking, “Great, I am going to work. I know what I am going to do today. I have some great ideas and I looking forward to sharing those ideas. I am excited to see the team and to help them have a great day”. Employee engagement is about understanding one’s role in the hospital, and being excited and energized on where I fit in the hospitals purpose and objectives.Employee engagement is about having a clear understanding of what is expected of me and knowing that I have a voice and that I am able to offer ideas and express my views and they those ideas and views matter.

Employee engagement is about employees feeling pride and loyalty working for your hospital,being a great advocate of the hospital to your patients and clients, going the extra mile to ensure your hospital is World Class.

Employee engagement is about drawing on your employees’ knowledge and ideas to improve patient care, and the client experience. Employee engagement is about the hospitals actions that are consistent with your values.

Client Experience


We have all said it, “getting the most bang for the buck”when talking about something we are spending our money on. How does your practice deliver “the most bang for the buck?”. To put it another way, how does your practice enhance the client experience during every visit? We will help you define what the term “value” means to today’s client and how you can deliver something your clients value. Consistent, exceptional client service must be an important part of your business and practice.

We help your team treat each pet and client with empathy,compassion and kindness. To communicate openly and authentically, and do whatever they can to try and make the experience as positive as it can possibly be. And that it is apparent to your client.We help to ensure that each of your clients experience first-hand your care and your philosophy – not just what you do, but why you do it – the dedication,expertise and kindness of your entire staff.

Operational Excellence


In operational excellence, the goal is the sustainable and sustained 

improvement of key performance metrics—through a variety of principles, systems, and tools. At Pet Specialty Group, we help owners and practice manager alike attain operational excellence—by designing tiered metrics, bench marking results, putting leading practice business planning in place, standardizing operations on 

best practices, and improving processes and methods.

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